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Safety Concerns Raised By Mother Regarding School Bus Stop

Safety Concerns Raised by Mother Regarding School Bus Stop

Hampton Personal Attorney News: (WAVY) — Mollie Beach, a mother of seven, was alarmed when she witnessed yet another incident of a driver passing a school bus with flashing yellow lights in front of her home. One of her seven children has special needs, and four of them take the school bus daily. In response to this incident, she captured footage of a BMW speeding past the stopping bus. Although the bus had not fully stopped, and the stop arm was not down, Beach contends that her video clearly shows the BMW accelerating.

Taking matters into her own hands, Beach, a protective and proud mother, contacted Hampton Public Schools Transportation and spoke with the assistant in charge. According to Beach, they responded only after realizing she had contacted the news. Hampton Personal Attorney noted that they acknowledged the concern in the video, stating that the BMW was speeding up and estimated its speed to be between 45 and 50 mph. Despite Beach’s efforts, Hampton Public Schools Transportation did not return a call from 10 On Your Side.

Notably, speeding appears to be a recurring issue, evident from city signs near the bus stop indicating a speed limit of 30 mph with an additional $200 fine for speeding. Beach, who has also enlisted the help of a Hampton personal attorney, has reported the incident to the police, urging them to monitor speed at the intersection of Beach Road and Silver Isle Boulevard.

Expressing her frustration, Beach emphasized the need for drivers to wait patiently for the brief stoppage, showing concern for the safety of the children. She believes that the police, with the assistance of a Hampton personal attorney, should conduct radar checks at the identified intersection to address the ongoing disregard for the safety of school children.

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