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How To File An Auto Accident Claim For Reckless Driving

In the United States, over 6 million auto accidents occur annually; on average, that’s roughly 13 accidents a minute. Distracted driving, one of the many forms of reckless driving, is the worst among all auto accidents.  

When impacted by a reckless driving auto accident, don’t undermine the severity of your pain and suffering. You have the right to compensation, whether it be from your insurer or the other driver’s insurance company. With an auto accident attorney, victims can serve justice and hold reckless drivers accountable—potentially freeing the road from one less aggressor.  

Common Reckless Driving Causes

“Reckless” is a broad term that can mean different things but falls under negligence, human error, and incompetence. In the eyes of the law, the term “reckless driving” is specific to many behaviors that go beyond poor driving etiquette. Here are some of the leading causes of severe, to even deadly reckless driving auto accidents:

  • Distracted driving. From texting, while driving, eating, talking, or having eyes on anything but the road, distracted driving takes the cake as the most deadly auto accident motivator in America. These drivers never see the other car coming.
  • Disobeying traffic laws. Usually accompanied by speeding or impaired driving, actions such as blowing stop signs, running through red lights, weaving in and out of traffic, driving on the shoulder lane, and lane splitting can take other drivers by surprise— causing catastrophic results.
  • Aggressive driving. Sharing the road with someone with a major case of road rage is never pleasant. Leave it to these hotheads to drive bumper-to-bumper at dangerously fast speeds, cut drivers off, and even intentionally try to hit the cars around them.
  • Speeding or street racing. When it comes to driving, impatience can be deadly; especially when a car is flooring it far above the speed limit. Speed limits exist to keep us all safe, and drivers who fail to comply can put themselves and others in grave danger. Speeding 100+ miles per hour is reckless in almost any situation, but even driving 60 miles per hour in a 40 miles per hour zone can inflict a grisly aftermath—depending on the road conditions (icy/slippery roads) and the amount of traffic present.
  • Tailgating. Watching as a car trails closer and closer behind your vehicle is unnerving— and in the rearview mirror, they’re even closer than they appear. When a car tailgates too close behind you, sudden stops or lane changes can cause a deadly rear-end collision.  
  • Impaired driving. You should never get behind the wheel if you are drowsy, intoxicated, or severely unwell. However, some people continue to make this fatal mistake every day and night, imposing a severe danger to everyone around them.  

The Impact of Reckless Driving Auto Accidents

Unfortunately, reckless driving takes tens of thousands of victims’ lives, comfort, and happiness daily. Through immense pain and suffering, injury, and loss of life, many families experience their lives changed forever. Here are some of the most prevalent injuries:

  • Head and traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Facial injuries
  • Internal organ damage
  • Broken bones
  • Sprains and strains
  • Lacerations and bruising


How Breit Law Helps Reckless Driving Victims

After a victim suffers an auto accident caused by reckless driving, they will have the legal right to seek compensation from the at-fault driver or other third parties involved in the crash. It takes an experienced and dedicated auto accident attorney to assist victims in maximizing their compensation and the justice deserved—that’s where Breit Law comes in.

Breit law walks victims through the claims process from the first consultation to the final payout by collecting insightful information, assessing the evidence, and serving the lawsuit. With your auto accident attorney’s help, your case will evolve through the following steps:

  1. Sending a formal or informal demand letter. Your Breit Law lawyer will send a letter detailing the lawsuit to the at-fault liable party, spelling out your demands.
  2. Launching the Discovery Phase. Crucial information is collected, evidence is dissected, and any other potential evidence is extracted from the opposing party to support the legitimacy and severity of your case.
  3. Negotiating settlements. After identifying the case details, your Breit Law lawyer will settle a fair compensation amount with the opposing party.
  4. Presenting the case in court. If the aggressor refuses to accept the payment terms, your lawsuit will proceed to be defended in court.
  5. Collecting compensation. After the judge has ruled her verdict, you will collect payment. However, if the defendant still refuses to own up to the charges, additional legal action is required.

Don’t delay your case; seek the premier car accident lawyer in virginia beach: Breit Law.  Contact us or call us at 757-456-0333 to see how much your claim is worth.

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