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Chesapeake Man Guilty In Fatal DWI Pedestrian Collision

Chesapeake Man Guilty in Fatal DWI Pedestrian Collision

Persona Injury Lawyers news: (WAVY) — Chesapeake Man Found Guilty in DWI Case Resulting in Fatal Pedestrian Collision

In a landmark decision, a jury reached a verdict on Thursday in the case of 26-year-old Nathan Poole, who faced charges of manslaughter, maiming, and DWI with serious injuries in connection with a tragic incident at Virginia Beach Town Center.

Poole was found guilty on all charges in what has become a precedent-setting ruling. Police reports indicated that Poole was driving under the influence of marijuana when he struck two pedestrians, 76-year-old Rosa Blanco and her 79-year-old cousin, Concepcion Blanco, near the Tupelo Honey restaurant in August 2022.

According to video surveillance, Poole’s vehicle collided with the victims as he made a left turn from Main Street onto Constitution Avenue, while they were within the crosswalk. Tragically, Rosa Blanco succumbed to her injuries at the scene, while Concepcion Blanco sustained severe and permanent injuries, requiring hospitalization for five weeks.

During the four-day jury trial, witnesses, including the responding police officer, testified about Poole’s impaired state. Despite the defense’s assertion that Poole’s cannabis use did not affect his driving ability, testimony from a toxicologist suggested otherwise, indicating impairment in judgment, attention, and reaction times due to the level of THC in Poole’s blood.

The jury’s decision found Poole guilty of DWI manslaughter, DWI maiming, and DWI first-offense misdemeanor, reflecting a clear rejection of the defense’s claims of non-impairment. Commonwealth’s Attorney Stolle emphasized the risks and consequences of driving under the influence of marijuana, noting the absence of a forensic standard for THC impairment.

Poole’s prior convictions for False Information on a Firearm Consent Form also came to light during the trial. For comprehensive coverage of the case, tune in to 10 On Your Side’s Chris Horne for updates.

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