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News: Car Lands In Virginia Beach’s Lake Windsor After Dodging Vehicle

News: Car lands in Virginia Beach’s Lake Windsor after dodging vehicle

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA — A driver crashed their car into Virginia Beach’s Lake Windsor last Friday, following a near-wreck with another vehicle, reports WAVY.

Virginia Beach Police say the incident took place near Mt. Trashmore Park, in the city’s west side, on December 22, shortly before 7:00 p.m.

Preliminary details indicate the driver swerved to avoid a collision with another unspecified vehicle. The abrupt move caused the first car to land in the body of water.

No major injuries or hospital transports were reported following the event, and no charges appear to have been filed. The following day, the crashes vehicle was towed from the lake.

WAVY’s report also cites two of several other recent lake-related wrecks in recent weeks, including a crash off Hillcrest Parkway and Edinburgh on Tuesday, December 19 that claimed the life of a 21-year-old woman. Earlier that same day, another vehicle had also been pulled from a body of water near Greenbrier Parkway and Professional Place. While the extent of injuries in that accident remains unclear, the driver survived.

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