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Dangerous Hampton Intersection Sees Yet Another Collision [Hampton, VA]

Dangerous Hampton Intersection Sees Yet Another Collision [Hampton, VA]

HAMPTON, Va.(June 28, 2024)— Dangerous Hampton Intersection: Despite efforts to make the intersection at Shell Road and Greenbriar Avenue safer by installing a four-way stop, speeding and stop sign violations persist, leading to frequent crashes.

The latest incident occurred on Thursday, highlighting ongoing safety concerns. Residents had predicted such outcomes, emphasizing the danger until someone gets seriously hurt.

A day after a news story aired about the intersection, a vehicle crashed into a 1930s home due to speeding. Witness Alfred Myers recounted, “I saw a vehicle coming up Greenbriar, probably about 50 mph. It went directly through my car, this pole, and smashed his car.”

Fred Henry, whose father built the impacted home, expressed frustration and uncertainty about effective solutions, mentioning speed bumps as a possible deterrent.

Speed bumps have been effective in another historic area of Hampton, Chesapeake Avenue, known for its bay views and older homes.

Long-time resident Sonny Chambers remarked, “I’ve lived here for about 20 years now, and I’ve seen accidents in all three properties.”

Charlene Thompson, who alerted authorities and the media, urges drivers to follow traffic laws. Previously, only Greenbriar Avenue had stop signs, but Shell Road now has them too, along with caution signs for drivers.

“We’re asking you all [to] obey the speed,” Thompson implored. “Stop at the stop signs. We don’t need any more accidents or fatalities. So, when you come to Hampton, and you’re on Shell Road and Greenbriar [Avenue], obey the speed laws and the stop signs.”

Following Thursday’s crash, police charged Jurl Vincent Sterns Jr., 68, with reckless driving for failing to control his vehicle. He has a similar case from the previous month.

Recently, police have issued over two dozen tickets around the intersection. Authorities are considering stiffer penalties and a comprehensive study to address the issue.

NoteWhile we strive for accuracy, please notify us of any inaccuracies regarding this incident. We rely on external sources for information and will make corrections as necessary.

DisclaimerThis post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or medical advice. If you’ve been injured in an accident, seek immediate medical attention. The photo included in this post is not from the actual scene of the accident

Source: WAVY


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