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25-Year-Old Motorcyclist Dies On Interstate 64 In Multi Car Crash [Virginia Beach, VA]

25-Year-Old Motorcyclist Dies on Interstate 64 in Multi Car Crash [Virginia Beach, VA]

Virginia Beach, VA (June 4, 2024)- In a tragic overnight incident, a 25-year-old motorcyclist dies on Interstate 64 near the 286-mile marker in Virginia Beach.

Samuel R. Stoy was riding eastbound on his 2021 Kawasaki ZX636K motorcycle around 2:30 a.m. when he collided with the rear of a 2019 Alfa Romeo.

The impact caused him to be thrown from his bike, after which he was struck by a passing 2024 Nissan Kicks. Stoy, who was wearing a helmet at the time, died at the scene.

This devastating event did not result in injuries to the other drivers involved. Virginia State Police are currently investigating the role of speed in the crash, trying to piece together the precise circumstances that led to this fatal outcome.

Motorcycle accidents like this underscore the critical need for heightened awareness and safety measures on the road, particularly for motorcyclists who are far more vulnerable compared to occupants of larger vehicles.

25-Year-Old Motorcyclist Dies on Interstate 64 in Virginia Beach

Interstate 64 near the 286-mile marker in Virginia Beach where the tragic accident happened

This incident serves as a somber reminder of the risks associated with high-speed highway travel.

Following such tragic events, the focus often shifts to compensation for the victims and their families.

Compensation in vehicular accident cases may cover various aspects, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and, in cases of fatality, funeral expenses and loss of future earnings.

Determining the right compensation involves considering the degree of fault and the impact of the loss on the bereaved family.

In the aftermath of a motorcycle crash, legal expertise is crucial to effectively navigate the complexities of insurance claims and litigation, ensuring that the family’s rights and needs are adequately addressed.

Breit Law Firm offers experienced and empathetic legal assistance for victims of road accidents, particularly motorcyclists.

Our firm specializes in handling the unique challenges that arise in motorcycle accident claims, providing comprehensive support to ensure just compensation.

Our legal team conducts thorough investigations, leveraging evidence from the crash site to build strong cases against responsible parties.

We engage with insurance companies assertively, advocating for our clients’ best interests to secure settlements that address both immediate and long-term needs.

For those affected by similar incidents, or seeking guidance on accident-related legal matters, Breit Law Firm is prepared to help. Our commitment is to deliver relentless representation and support, making sure that every client achieves the closure and compensation they deserve to aid in their recovery and future security.

NoteWhile we strive for accuracy, please notify us of any inaccuracies regarding this incident. We rely on external sources for information and will make corrections as necessary.

DisclaimerThis post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or medical advice. If you’ve been injured in an accident, seek immediate medical attention. The photo included in this post is not from the actual scene of the accident

Source: The Virginian-Pilot



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