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The Role Of A Malpractice Attorney In Medical Negligence Cases

The Role of a Malpractice Attorney in Medical Negligence Cases

Medical malpractice is a severe problem affecting thousands of patients in the United States annually. Patients rely on their doctors and healthcare providers to provide competent, professional care. When that care falls short and leads to harm, a medical malpractice claim may be necessary. Patients who suffer harm due to medical negligence need an experienced malpractice attorney to represent their interests. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the essential role played by a malpractice attorney in medical negligence cases.

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1) Identifying and Evaluating a Malpractice Claim

One of the first tasks a malpractice attorney performs is identifying and evaluating whether a malpractice claim is viable. Malpractice claims require demonstrating that the healthcare provider breached the standard of care, resulting in injury or harm to the patient. An experienced malpractice attorney examines medical records, interviews witnesses, and consults with medical experts to determine if there’s a valid malpractice claim. If the claim appears viable, the attorney works to collect further evidence to support the lawsuit.

2) Handling Settlements and Negotiations

In many cases, the medical provider’s insurance company will attempt to settle a claim using a financial settlement. However, accepting a settlement offer on your own often leaves you shortchanged, with inadequate resources to help you recover fully from your injuries. An experienced malpractice attorney knows how to negotiate to ensure that clients receive a fair settlement entitled to their losses fully. They’re experienced in calculating and evaluating the full value of the client’s claim, including lost wages, pain, and suffering.

3) Providing Legal Expertise and Filing a Lawsuit

Suppose the healthcare provider’s insurance company denies your claim or refuses a reasonable settlement. In that case, your malpractice attorney can initiate a lawsuit on your behalf. A seasoned malpractice attorney understands every aspect of the legal process, from filing the necessary paperwork to adhering to court procedures and regulations. With the client’s input, the attorney gathers further evidence to argue the case before a court of law.

4) Building a Strong Case

There’s no doubt that medical malpractice litigation can be complex and challenging. It requires a deep understanding of medical terminology, best practices, and procedures. The right medical malpractice attorney makes it a priority to gain knowledge of your conditions and the case’s medical intricacies. They evaluate your medical history, conduct thorough research, and work with other medical professionals to establish a strong case that supports your claims.

5) Giving Guidance and Support Throughout the Process

Suing a healthcare provider for medical malpractice is a complicated legal process, and victims usually require strong support from a qualified legal advocate. Retaining an experienced medical malpractice attorney can alleviate some of the anxiety and stress of filing these claims. The right attorney always works in the best interests of their clients, guiding and reassuring them through every phase of the legal process.

Achieve Justice with Breit Law

Medical malpractice is a serious issue, and those who suffer harm due to negligence require expert legal representation. A malpractice attorney from Breit Law brings essential skills and knowledge to every case, ensuring clients receive the best possible outcome. By evaluating your claim, gathering evidence, and negotiating with medical providers and insurance companies, these professionals help to secure fair compensation for their clients. At the heart of medical malpractice litigation lies accountability and justice; the right attorney can help you achieve both. 

To gain a legal team with over 36 years of rich experience, contact us to start your claim.


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