This opinion was the exact opposite after Scalia’s death. At that time, McConnell, the Senate majority leader, made clear that no nominee of President Barack Obama would come before the Senate for a vote. Now he has the audacity to wrongfully complain that the left’s attacks on Gorsuch started even before his nomination was announced. That sounds awfully familiar.
McConnell says that Democratic senators should fall in line behind the nominee because “this is not the time for further division or political revenge, and for the sake of the country it is time to bring our country together.” Why hasn’t McConnell spoken up as President Donald Trump demonizes anything and anyone, including U.S. senators, who disagree with him? When respect and diplomacy are abandoned by the president, and when members of Congress seem unwilling to exercise any check or balance, it is disingenuous for McConnell to expect others to respect the members of Congress, who appear to care only about their own political agendas. The American people voted to drain the swamp. They were justified. Senators now face a divisive nomination process that exemplifies why Americans are so angry with politicians in the first place. Gorsuch is a highly respected federal judge. He should receive the same type of fair and honest consideration that the Senate afforded Judge Merrick Garland.
William D. Breit
Virginia Beach